Saturday, April 17, 2010

Custom Knife

-Pain Wrench
-Choil Guard
-Two Position Lock

The thorn is used to open the knife with either thumb.
When the knife is closed, the thorn can also be used to scratch, scrape, and strike targets.

The curve indent area on the spine of the blade is called a Pain Wrench and it is used for martial arts techniques such as trapping, parrying, inflicting pain and joint locks.

The finger choil becomes a choil guard for safe closing of the blade.

The idea is for the knife to have 2 locks providing 2 locking positions. The 1st one would be a C shaped liner lock that will prevent the blade from moving up or down. The 2nd lock would be a lockback.

The 1st locking position will be at a 45o angle making a pistol grip.
This will allow the blade to deploy slightly faster than normal, because of the shorter distance the blade needs to travel to lock.

Sketch of the knife

This is a knife I designed, inspired by the numerous tactical folding knives that I have studied.

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