Sunday, April 11, 2010

About Us

K4S is a martial arts interface consisting of stick, knife and empty hand.

Like a modern Jeet Kune Do.

Sensei Yasu AKA Wampire
Owner/operator of "The Dojo" San Antonio Texas
Rising Tide Martial Arts Assistant Instructor Austin Texas
Awarded blue belt from Carlos Machado
Assistant MMA coach at TABMOC fight team

Wampire proudly follows the STRAIGHT EDGE life style because to him martial arts is more than just fighting skills.
His teaching style is similar to the backyard type of training that Bruce Lee and Mr. Miyagi preferred.
He founded the K4S system, which looks like a dark vampire ninja blade style but it's really a modern day Jeet Kune Do which has integrated martial arts styles from around the globe.

Academies where I studied:

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Houston TX MeetUp Group
Pedro Alberto Brazilian Jiu-jitsu San Antonio TX
Johnny Stout, Guadalupe School of Knifemaking
Prof. Carlos Machado, RCA Machado Jiu-jitsu
Lozano System (Kuk Sool Won + Arnis)
Prof. Marcio Simas, Gracie Barra
UTSA Aikido Club
Austin Martial Arts Academy
TABMOC, Martial Arts and MMA Team

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