Saturday, November 13, 2010


To be honest, I felt disturbed during the making of this video.
Not because there is a graphic display of what these moves can do, or because I go into a serial killer mode while demonstrating on a partner.

In fact I chose not to candy coat it by doing those things. I just focus on what the title implies.

Like a factory it manufactures, and makes anyone that practices this stuff into a Violent killing Machine.
With this video you won't need any partners, a gym or any fancy equipment.

Welcome to "Assaulting A Person With A Knife" 101.

Course Curriculum
-You sneak up on a person for a kill (prerequisite)
-Even your stance alone can kill
-Kill them with speed
-Kill them with the worst gashes
-Kill them even if they try to grab and defend

VIOLENCE FACTORY Terror Move evidence


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